There are too many groups stuck in ways of collaborating that limit the groups capacity, stop them from maturing into a productive team and drain peoples energy.


We choose to believe that it is possible to challenge the business 'world order' of speedy scattered-ness and do things different. To get better business results, have more fun together AND feel better as human beings.


My-ness is co-founded and lead by Åsa Rexare Thulin: leader, meeting designer, facilitator, teacher and entrepreneur with passion for business development and how to empower leaders to lead teams and teams to collaborate in a new way.



Meeting design & Facilitation

- Business plan and team development process, Facility Services IKEA AB

- Business plan, Business area Lighting IKEA of Sweden

- Powerful listening, feedback and coaching: 1 day facilitation with management team



- Better meetings for product development teams, IKEA of Sweden

 - March 16-19: Generating collective intelligence,  facilitation training stage 2 (Zenergy)

- June 1-5: Discovering collective intelligence,  facilitation training stage 1 (Zenergy)

YCDBRALAI.pngThere were 4-7 KPI:s to focus on in 1955. Today, it can be 60. Companies respond with complicatedness. People respond with speed and scatteredness, trying to manage more tasks within the same time. Impact? Productivity is crawling, execution is a challenge and to cope, people disengage.

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